Camera Inspections

We don’t like seeing pipes around everywhere, so our home’s pipes stay buried underground, covered with asphalt, concrete, or dirt. As you could imagine, this makes inspecting these pipes for leakage extremely difficult. We don’t want to dig up your yard or break up your sidewalk just to take a look, and we’re sure you don’t want us to either!

Luckily, technology has advanced to give us plumbers a huge advantage! John The Plumber is happy to offer camera inspections for your piping!

How Does a Camera Help?

Using the latest plumbing technology, we can take a deep dive into your piping and see exactly what is causing you issues. A waterproof camera is attached to the end of a long, flexible wire, allowing us to feed it down the drain while filming the journey!

Thanks to this technology, we are able to diagnose your sewer or pipeline problem without any invasive or disruptive techniques. The latest and more advanced models are able to easily identify all types of problems, such as:

  • Sewer cracks
  • Pipe leakage
  • Clogs / blockage
  • Unaligned pipe joints

What Happens Next?

After the inspection, our technicians make a report based on our findings. Whatever problem we find, John The Plumber is able to handle it! We proudly offer a wide range of services and repairs to cover any plumbing need you may have.

Are you ready to find out what’s lurking in your sewers? Give John The Plumber a call today!

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